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Packed full of great items!  All items are perfectly paired with Stephanie’s True North Cabin Cookbook.  It’s like a vacation up North… in a box. 


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True North Cabin Cookbook

Celebrate summer days with seasonal foods and cherished tales of life in the northland, as the author’s recipes and personal recollections transport readers to a lakeside cabin in the north woods.

Summer is prime cabin season. The cabin might be large or small, plush or rustic, lakeside or far off the trail. Regardless of the setting, adventuresome days of hiking or boating or lounging are fueled by hearty, home-cooked meals.

Our first bag of muesli was sold at a Minneapolis farmers market in the summer of 2011. For the next few years, Hannah bootstrapped the business with an old Raleigh bike and trailer, a friend’s restaurant kitchen, and a basement office. Over the course of 10+ years, we’ve grown our product line and distribution, and are now offered in most major grocers across the US. Our impact (and family!) has grown over the years, but the heart of the business remains the same: a small team hustling to create a better breakfast from the ground up, one that works in harmony with nature and benefits all – from the soil, to our farmers, to you.

Launched in January of 2018, Folly was born by a deep passion for high end specialty coffees and a lot of hard work from scratch. Folly Coffee Roasters is independently owned and operated, roasting all of our small batch coffee in St. Louis Park, MN (just outside of Minneapolis). We started Folly to introduce people to the world of specialty coffee without any of the pretentiousness. Our coffees are among the best in the country and we continue to strive to get better!

Wood tools are fabulous!  This 12 inch long spatula is as useful today as it was during the time of the Vikings.  The perfectly angled blade help you turn, lift, flatten food with excellent leverage.  Imagine serving your hot-dish with this, egh!

Mike and Jen’s Cocoa Mix uses just 5 simple, high-quality ingredients. You just add water! Easy and Convenient.

Our recipe is beautifully balanced to produce a rich, deep chocolate flavor in every cup. Add Mike and Jen’s Cocoa Mix to your coffee for a delicious and creamy Mocha. There is no other cocoa mix like it, and quite frankly, we think it’s the best cocoa in the world.

Sparked around a Minnesota campfire, the idea of a flavorful, better-for-you marshmallow inspired us to create North Mallow marshmallows.

Together as a husband and wife team, we want to share the joyful moments we experienced at camp and successfully improve upon the classic to deliver a delicious line of mallows that roast to the perfect, gooey consistency and that we can feel good about sharing with our family, friends, and campers.

The area in Minnesota, which became known as Hamel, was heavily forested with maples. This drew ancestors William and J. O. Hamel of Quebec to settle in the area which would later bear their name. In the years that followed, generations of family and friends have continued to carry out the springtime ritual of tapping their treasured maples.