Winter Box 2019 Items

Hand Thrown Mug

Susan Beyer began her career working with ceramics. In the mid 90’s after moving to Minnesota she started taking pottery classes and found that she really enjoyed working with clay. She loves to create and loves using a variety of color and textures in her work. She also enjoys time outdoors and is an avid hiker, having hiked 1,800 miles of the Appalachian Trail.

Hot Cocoa

After a large batch of her Mother’s cocoa recipe served up at a local winter festival ended up being a huge hit, Dawn Christians began considering turning it into a business. Thus, The Cocoa Co. was born. Each batch of chocolaty goodness is prepared and packaged by hand with ingredients from local suppliers in their Edgerton, MN factory.


Chocolatier, Katie Stumvoll creates beautiful and unique chocolates infused with local ingredients and a whole lot of love. She is passionate about a life of stewardship and contributing to the live and eat local movement. She enjoys spending time in nature, and with her husband and children gardening and mountain biking.

Lip Moisturizer

When Smantha Rule isn’t busy working as a Health and Wellness Coach, she is busy chasing after her toddler, the inspiration behind her natural bath and body products. Wanting to avoid the chemicals that are often found in conventional products, she decided to try making, and now selling her own creations. Samantha is also currently working as a Herbalism Apprentice, continuing her love of all things natural.

Goat Milk Lotion

Ole Lake Farm is a third generation family farm ran by Kevin and Debbie Flowers. With the goal of sustainability, the couple raises grain, produce, and animals as natural and humanely as possible. Besides goat milk products, the farm has wheat, flour, corn (for cornmeal), rye, straw, eggs, pork, and produce available seasonally. Debbie says her favorite animals on the farm are her goats and chickens.

Forty Below Card Game

Ev Johnson of We R FUN Games started her company by creating “LIFE ON THE FARM” from her brother Keith Gohl’s idea – a board game about real family farm life.  We R FUN Games mission is to help people “Share Laughter, Share FUN, Share Love.™ “We R FUN’s newest game, “FORTY BELOW”, is “The World’s Coolest Card Game”. A woman of many talents, Ev also plays electric drums, and rides and trains horses using natural horsemanship techniques. 


A woman of many artistic talents, Rachael Koppendrayer stands out as a color pencil artist. She creates beautiful nature drawings and illustrations of plants and animals, but her most unique work includes drawings of Swedish Dala animals. Rachael also enjoys her time sewing, playing piano, and writing.