Summer Box 2020 Items

Hibiscus Tea

Shared during family dinners and celebrations, hibiscus tea was the drink of choice for Fortuna Alexander’s entire family in west Africa. At age 10, after her mother passed away during childbirth, Fortuna became an orphan. This event sparked her dream of one day opening an orphanage for the children of Liberia. A percentage of the proceeds goes toward funding Fortuna’s dream. Visit their website to see a list of places their tea can be found.

Bug Spray

Enspired was founded in 2011 by Windom, MN native Hilary Mathis. Mathis, wife and mother of 5, strives to provide a friendly and feel-good experience with every customer interaction, and focuses on the creation of unique, handmade and all-natural products. The Enspired brand features a wide range of products including clothing, home decor, jewelry, handmade soaps, salves, candles, melts, lotions and much more. Their storefront is located on the historic town square in downtown Windom, MN. They can also be found on Facebook for ordering shipped products.

Redwood Coasters

We focus on specialty, small-batch craft roasted coffee from incredible orgins, in the best coffee-growing regions of the world. These coffees have been hand-picked and developed over time, along with partners at the orgin and through importers, to provide you with the most delicious coffee that you can possible imagine. Roasted for you with care in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

Garlic Sunflower Oil

Tom and Jenni Smude are the proud owner’s of Smude’s Sunflower Oil. Their farm is home to 150 acres of sunflowers every year. The family stays busy between farming, their business, and school and family events. On any given day Tom and Jenni can be found at the office in Pierz working hard to help the growing business thrive. Smude’s Sunflower Oil is greatful for the farmers and growers who help meet the demand to keep you, our consumer, happy!

Blueberry Cookie

When Sue Kakuk discovered her daughter and collegiate cycling teammates were stopping at fast-food for donuts and breakfast before their races, she carefully crafted an on-the-go cookie made with whole grains and superfood ingredients that satisfies hunger and sustains energy.  “I wanted to pack the deliciousness and comfort of a cookie with the nutrition of an energy bar into a grab and go snack to help fuel busy and active lifestyles” – Sue Kakuk.   Kakookies is a woman-owned, Minnesota local business. 

Prohibition Pig Rub

Over the years Renee, along with her husband Jody, dabbled in their hobby of creating unique, quality recipes that they enjoyed sharing them with friends and family. As time went by, friends and family continued to ask when they could be “taste testers” again. They joked it felt like they were “bootlegging” food, and the brand “Bootleg” was born. The husband and wife team offer a variety of unique and versitile specialized, handcrafted spices.