Spring Box 2022 Items

Economics Course Spicy Ale Mustard

The name Lost Capital comes from daring to chase your dreams. Leaving your job to follow your passion for spicy and fermented foods when you are over your head in student loans. Caring about the quality of the product more than the profit margin. Sourcing the freshest local produce instead of what is cheap and easy. Fermenting our sauces for weeks instead of making and cooking them the same day. Packing bottles with more peppers and less water and vinegar than our competitors. These things would sound like a bad investment to most people, but to us, it sounds like a challenge. If you are willing to spend the extra dollar for a sauce that benefits you and the agricultural community it was made in, then it is time to invest in Lost Capital.

Wild & Free Muesli

Our first bag of muesli was sold at a Minneapolis farmers market in the summer of 2011. For the next few years, Hannah bootstrapped the business with an old Raleigh bike and trailer, a friend’s restaurant kitchen, and a basement office. Over the course of 10+ years, we’ve grown our product line and distribution, and are now offered in most major grocers across the US. Our impact (and family!) has grown over the years, but the heart of the business remains the same: a small team hustling to create a better breakfast from the ground up, one that works in harmony with nature and benefits all – from the soil, to our farmers, to you.  

Ginger Lime Cocktail Mix

My name is Leah, and I’d like to welcome you to Sweethaven, where I spend my days obsessing about all things fresh. It’s here that I not only handcraft the most vibrant, well-balanced, and highest quality craft cocktail concentrates available, but I absolutely insist on doing it only with simple, natural, and fresh ingredients.

Mancini's Sauce

I started making hot sauce 20 years ago, and now I am making it into a hot sauce brand! I have 5+ different hot sauce flavors to try…red Fresno, green jalapeno, hot banana pepper, and thai chili hot sauce, a hotter blend of habaneros and Carolina Reapers, and make the sauce for Mancini’s at the MN State Fair!

Dish Scrubbie

Bamboo Switch is an Eco Lifestyle brand that encourages people to “make the switch” to a zero-waste life. Our products are thoughtfully designed for utility and beauty. We believe that your eco journey starts small and grows. We are not here to preach or shame but to educate and share. The eco journey is for everyone, not just the privileged or elite. We source our bamboo and all materials ethically and we price fairly so that EVERYONE can make a difference. Our products are for every day, every room and everyone you care about.

MN N'ice Tea

Our mission at TeaSource is simple: offer the best value on the finest teas and tisanes from around the world. We strive for the highest quality in all we do—from the experience you have in your cup to the experience you have in our stores and online. TeaSource is the Twin Cities’ foremost tea importer, wholesaler, retailer, and tea destination. Founded in 1997 in a spare bedroom and a little room for packing, we now have more than 12,000 square feet devoted to importing, blending, warehousing and selling tea.

The Midwest Collection Pencil Set

Growing up in Minnesota, my family often went camping for our family vacations. And nothing could beat my trips up to the Boundary Waters with friends! As I get older I find that I prefer certain comforts of home, like running water, so we now spend our vacations in cabins instead. Even though we’ve transitioned from soft tents to solid four walls, the idea of our time away remains the same – spend time with those you love and enjoy the beauty of the world around you. You will find this same spirit in all of my designs at Wild North Co. Sometimes all you need is to just slow down, grab a friend, and take a hike.

Elk Jerkey

Premium Midwestern was established in 2000 by 25 year meat cutter Scott Salonek to promote the elk meat industry and create a market for US farm-raised animals. He has since been joined in the business by his son Ryan. Together, this father and son team is bringing their exotic snack meat line to locations across the United States. From sporting goods stores, convenience stores, grocers, markets, restaurants, and more, Premium Midwestern products are top choice for the discerning consumer. All products are created under USDA inspection to ensure the highest quality available. Over the last 10 years we have added select products from US farm-raised buffalo and whitetail deer to expand on the healthy red meat choice.